Appropriate Technology Division, called ATIVATOR UNY it are a division that accommodates the interests and talents of members of the Technology Engineering UKM and Yogyakarta State University students in the field of Appropriate Technology (AT) until its application.

History of ATIVATOR Team
Yogyakarta State University


At first the divisions in the UKM Rekayasa Teknologi were teams that existed before the birth of the UKM. Rekayasa Teknologi These teams are independent teams that are not under anyone’s auspices. Over time, these teams achieved many achievements at the district / city, provincial and national levels.
As the team grows, the budget required for funds is getting bigger. For this reason, these teams are trying to submit proposals to the student affairs sector at the rectorate. Seeing the team’s achievements that are always developing, but no one has yet become a forum for the team, then on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Herminanto Sofyan, as the Chancellor of Yogyakarta State University at that time, formed a Student Activity Unit to become a forum for these teams to be managed properly. Because these teams are engaged in technology development, the UKM Rekayasa Teknologi was born on March 12, 2012.

The four teams that became divisions at that time included Divisi Robot, Divisi Mobil, Divisi Jembatan, and Divisi Teknologi Informasi. To attract students’ interest in a more general field, the Divisi Teknologi Tepat Guna was also formed. Divisi Teknologi Tepat Guna started the competition since it was founded in conjunction with the formation of the UKM Restek. Divisi TTG has started to achieve various achievements since it was first established in conjunction with the formation of the Technology Engineering UKM. Until finally the Divisi TTG became known when the Kincir TTG Team won 3rd place in the 2013 Kompetisi Kincir Angin Indonesia (KKAI) organized by the Higher Education Research and Technology, Increasingly known after becoming 2nd Place in the Indonesian Windmill Competition (KKAI). 2014 which was held by the Research and Technology of Higher Education.
However, in 2015 the TTG Ferris Wheel Team had to be on hiatus because the KKAI competition was abolished. Through ongoing research and development, the TTG Division is still able to compete and excel in the field of Appropriate Technology development in various events such as the DIY Student Technology Innovation Competition, the Appropriate Tool Competition from DIY BPTTG, National and International Technology Writing Competition, and Weekend Student Creativity (PKM) in the field of Karsa Cipta (PKM-KC) and Penerapan Teknologi (PKM-T).

Towards the end of the 2020 period, the Force at that time felt the need for this team to have its own name. Then he decided on the name ATIVATOR (Appropriate Technology Initiator-Innovator-Inventor). The name will be legalized when the new period begins.